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Transmutation Circles?

I don't know if anyone's posted about this before, but... Has anyone else noticed this? The Western style of Alchemy seems to be based heavily on mathematical shapes - triangles, squares, circles, etc. however, "Ishbal's Alchemy" (that's what everyone seems to be calling it, anyways) seems to be more based around organic shapes - i.e. the curves on scar's arm, or on scar's brother, etc.

I wonder if that was a deliberate thing on the author's part? I thought it might be because while in the west alchemy is very scientific, but in the east, it's much more deeply tied in with faith. For those who use alchemy in the west, it's simply a way of easily fixing things, or making things. They use it a lot in every day life a lot - to the point where it takes some serious skill to make people go more than "oh, alchemy!" when they see it. (see episode 4, or 10, and maybe 9... - it's never "oh, wow, that's amazing, what was it?" it's "oh! you're an alchemist? cool!" or something like that.) However, in Ishbal - and the "city that was destroyed in a day" or whatever it's called, too, I suppose - Alchemy seems to be more rooted in faith than science. Thus, they use symbols that look religious rather than mathematical, and focus less on the every day uses of it and more on the large uses - i.e. human transmuatation, making the philosopher's stone, etc etc etc.

Just wondered what other's opinions were on the differences in transmutation circles.


(highlight to read, just in case.)
Oh, and episode 40? OMGWTF. I'm not sure I understood much about this episode... So Martel overheard Pride ordering Kimbly and (maybe?) tucker to kill edward elric, right? and Martel tried to threaten Pride into not donig it, only pride went "PSYCHOBASTARD" on her and toyed with her. when she finally fled, she tried to tell al what was gonig on, and then Pride appeared and killed her. (my initial response to this was literally screaming out loud "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" but I think I have my emotions under control. bet i cry later, when i watch it subbed.) Do I have it right so far? And then he asked al if al was all right, walked away, and left al to see The Truth (one assumes).

Man, this series is getting gory. And why was lyla with rose? I couldn't udnerstand a word of her explanation besides something about scar, and comparing him (?) to Dante. I got that his plan was to use the transmutation circle he had created to kill the soldiers and make a philosopher's stonn with them, so... yeah.

and why did kimbly not die when al locked him inside that rock thing and let the wall kimbly had tried to blow up blow up with him right next to it? pissed me off, that did.

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