Second Lt. Jean Havoc (2ndlt_jeanhavoc) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Second Lt. Jean Havoc

Reaching out to fellow FMA Rper's

I am so sorry if this isn't allowed and I just mis-interpreted the ruley-deals on them.

Involved in an adultish/horror panfandom RP fondly titled "The House" and they're having a --> visitor event <--. For those of you who don't know what that is it's just an event where you can bypass the application process for a few weeks and if you want to stay there's going to be a modified application.

I'd love to fill in some more blanks in the FMA cast there on a more permanent basis. I play Jean and Greed there and currently the cast is:
Jean Havoc, Greed, Envy and Lust. Kimblee is signed up for visiting, but if someone else wants to play him instead, I don't mind, just PM the account~ or blueeyekamikaze on AIM.

They do have a "pimp this" code, but I'm a little too afraid that I've not seen a rule, truthfully, to post it. Instead, those interested can read their navigation post to find things they may want to read about?

Apparently, also, there'll be some things being implemented in October too, like the ability to roam more, interact with more monsters and judges and stuff. And in order to see the newest posts, most likely you'll have to talk to a mod about being let in on a viewing basis, they're locked just in case!

Anyway, if this isn't allowed, I'll monitor my tags and if I see that it isn't, the MOMENT I find out, I'll take this down. I'm not out to make enemies xD;
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