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Fiction: Domestic...Something

Title: Domestic…Something
Author: snarry_fan7 
Pairing: Archer/Kimblee (1st anime)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None that I can think of, except that Archer and Kimblee are a bit out of character.
Length: 1,460 according to MS Word
Summary: It’s not exactly domestic bliss, but close enough for them.
Author’s Note: This is my first foray into actual smut with this pairing. I’ve skipped over the details in the past. Any advice would be welcome. I hope this isn’t too painful to read. "words" 'thoughts'
Disclaimer: Would that I could own them, but unfortunately they are not mine at all.

“You do know that I’m allergic to onions, right?”

Archer looked up from the onions he was slicing for the roast. “Ah…of course I knew that. Yes. Here, we can put leeks in instead.”

Kimblee shook his head, smiling slightly. He loved the man, but said man couldn’t remember what his lover was allergic to when it came to food. “Leeks are in the same family as onions and garlic. I’m allergic to all of those.”

“Oh, right. Sorry.” Archer blushed, and stared at the roast and wondered what he could substitute instead. After all, onions were very important for the flavor. “You’re not allergic to potatoes and carrots, are you? I thought I could remember what you couldn’t eat.”

“No, potatoes and carrots are fine. Onions, leeks, and garlic are the only things I’m allergic to. Considering that my mother used onions in almost everything she cooked, I’m surprised I made it this far,” Kimblee said as he pushed himself off the door jamb where he’d been leaning and watching his lover cook. He didn’t mind doing most of the other household chores in exchange for never cooking. The last time Kimblee attempted to cook, dinner had been ruined along with the stove, oven, and kitchen table. Alchemists generally were excellent cooks, but being an expert in explosives meant he was a menace in the kitchen.

“It’s all right. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Is there anything you can substitute that’s not in the same species as onions?” Kimblee had approached his lover and wrapped his arms around him from behind as he spoke.

“There’s nothing that would carry the same flavor as an onion or anything related to one. I could use another herb to add a different flavor to the roast, but it would have to not clash with the potatoes and carrots. Rosemary should work all right, but only if I leave out the carrots. Basil might would work too. Would it bother you not to have carrots?”

“Hmm, not terribly,” Kimblee murmured as he pressed his lips against Archer’s ear. He managed to not let go of the slightly taller man as said man coarsely chopped basil leaves, and put them and some twigs of rosemary into the pot.

“How much time before it’s ready?” The alchemist whispered in the soldier’s ear as he slid his hands under Archer’s white button-down shirt.

“About two hours. It’s still the afternoon, after all.” Archer washed his hands, turned to face his lover, and pressed his lips against Kimblee’s. “We’ve plenty of time, if you like.”

Kimblee smirked as he pulled Archer tightly against his long, lean body, and Archer grinned as he felt the other man’s obvious arousal.

“Yes, but not in the kitchen.” For a man who made a living out of blowing shit up, he was oddly particular about the location of their sexual escapades. The kitchen happened to be at the top of his “do-not-fuck-in” list of rooms, followed by the dining room. Archer wanted to bend him over the kitchen counter or the dining room table at least once, but when your lover happened to be skilled at turning people into explosive devices, it made that plan rather difficult to accomplish; and Archer was quite fond of living at this moment in time.

“Fine, fine. Sofa or bed, then?” Archer held Kimblee against him as they fumbled blindly through the rooms, kissing messily and pulling at the other’s clothes.

“Mmm…I got a better idea. How ‘bout a shower and some mutual wanking instead?” Kimblee’s hands had deftly unbuttoned his love’s shirt and his hands were stroking up Archer’s smooth chest beneath his undershirt.

“Mmm…not a bad thought. It has been a long day for us, not mention I’ve been partially hard since I walked in on Mustang and Fullmetal earlier. Idiots don’t even have the decency to screw someplace private. Besides, fucking in the shower is damn awkward; too slippery and the water washes away the lube way too quickly.”

“Don’t get all worked up about them going at it at HQ. Now, how is that you’re still coherent?” Kimblee leered and dragged
Archer through their bedroom and into the bath. Somehow they managed to strip, turn on the shower, and hop in, all without really losing contact with each other and without tripping and falling.

Archer moaned as the strong spray of hot water hit his sore back. Earlier that day at Headquarters, Kimblee, in a fit of temper, had blown up most of a small lab and Archer had been thrown halfway across the room and into a wall. ‘Ah, that’s why he doesn’t want the usual. He feels bad for nearly breaking my back. That and he has become strangely more affectionate over the past few weeks. I mean, he’s staying here all the time and I’ve taken to cooking dinner every night and he does the cleaning up. Shit, I blushed earlier. What the hell is happening?’ Little did he know that Kimblee wasn’t just expecting the usual tumble on the bed any more, and that eventually things were going to be even less casual between them than they were already.

“Stop thinking so much. Just enjoy it.” Kimblee twined his arms around the other man’s neck and pressed his wet body against his, enjoying the wet slide of skin. Archer pushed his thoughts to the back of his mind and proceeded to show his appreciation.

Tongues entangled beneath the hot flow of water, hands groped and slid everywhere, and cocks rubbed wetly against each other.

“Hmm...mmph…ah…ha” Kimblee felt his legs begin to weaken as one of Archer’s large, skilled hands made his was to his cock and begin to stroke it leisurely. Archer’s other hand and arm curled around the alchemist’s lower back to prevent him from falling to the floor of the shower; not that that would have been a bad position, but it was much better to feel that hand on his cock right now and to be stroking his lover’s slick prick in return.

The two continued to kiss frantically as they each neared completion. Their hands stroked faster and faster, their breaths came in pants, and their legs trembled under the hot cascade of water.

“Ah…c-coming. Nnn…ah…ah.” Loud breathing echoed and mixed with the sound of water in the shower as both men slowly came down from their passions.

“Mmm…that was lovely.” Kimblee was so relaxed that he didn’t bother to help Archer as washed both of them and maneuvered them out of the shower and into big, soft towels.

“Lovely? That’s the only word you can find to describe that? Bloody fantastic is what it was. You have the best ideas, Zolf.”

Kimblee woke up a bit as he heard his first name. They weren’t exactly the type to use first names and endearments. ‘He really has relaxed some. Maybe I can get away with this.’

“Of course, Frank. I’ve gotten better at reading you.” Kimblee smiled a little as he slipped into clean boxers, trousers, and an undershirt; he didn’t bother with a button-down shirt since they would be changing for bed in a little while.

“’Frank’?” Not that he didn’t like the sound of his name from that mouth and in that voice, but it was unexpected.

“Well, you called me ‘Zolf,” didn’t you? It’s about time we used first names and all. Most of my stuff is here already and it’s not like we don’t care for each other. This has long since gone past “casual sex” and you know it.” Kimblee sat on the bed and watched his love dress.

Archer paused as he considered his…love’s words. ‘I should have known. That man doesn’t let anything or anyone he likes go. Wrapped me around his finger already, he has. Ah well, could be worse.’ Even as he thought so, he knew that he’d fallen for the man like a school girl fawning over the most popular boy in class, but a little more lasting than a passing crush.

“Yes, I know it. Well, since I’ve obviously become completely entangled with you, would you care to stop pretending to live in that dank apartment.” Archer stepped forward to stand in front of the sitting alchemist.

Kimblee stood. “You’re serious? Yes, I’ll move in with you.” He gently grabbed Archer’s face and kissed him with all his might. Archer’s hands came up to frame Kimblee’s face as they kissed and kissed and kissed.

“So, how about some coffee before dinner?” Archer laughed as he followed Kimblee to the kitchen. Yes, this was a good start to many great things to come. Maybe he would cut Mustang some slack for shagging Fullmetal in his office. After all, love makes you do stupid shit all the time.

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