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A multitude of fics!

Somehow I always mean to cross-post things, and always forget.  So here I am with a little collection of things to share!  Fake cuts link to my journal.

Title: So Far, So Good
'Verse: manga or Brotherhood, post-series
Pairings/Characters: Roy/Riza
Warnings: Spoilery for the end of the series, also for Roy and Riza's pasts if you're not up on that.
Notes: Written for fma_ladyfest ! 

(Roy could order her to stay home and rest, but he couldn't keep her from cleaning.)

Title: Puppy Love
'Verse: I think it could be any, but pre-series.
Pairings/Characters:  Trisha, little Ed and Al, little Den
Warnings:  None unless a brief description of a nasty injury freaks you out.
Notes:  Written for girlsavesboyfic !

(They were good boys, and smart, and she trusted them to stay mostly out of trouble.  Mostly.)

And three little drabbles that are part of a post-108 series I'm working on:

Title: When All is Summer There, With Lightest Things That Pass, The One Dear Face
'Verse: manga, post-108
Pairings/Characters: Ed/Winry, Al, Roy, Riza, and some little Elrics!
Warnings:  Spoilers for the end of the series.  Otherwise, none.
Notes:  All written for fma_fic_contest .

(When All is Summer There)

(With Lightest Things That Pass)

(The One Dear Face)

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