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Fic: "Pictures of You" 1/1

Title: Pictures of You
Author: evil_little_dog
Recipient: a_is_for_amy
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Gracia/Past Maes; Elicia/OC; mentions of Ed/Winry
Summary: Elicia brings home her fiancée.
Notes: Written for the prompt of, “I want to know about Gracia and Maes Hughes’s first meeting.”
Much thanks to cornerofmadness for her edits and attagirls. Takes place in my Little Things ‘verse.
This story was written for fma_ladyfest, which is an amazing collection of forty-four new works, celebrating the women of FMA. How can you not love that?

Gracia knew she should have expected this day – in fact, she had – but she hadn’t realized how much it would affect her, seeing Elicia with Randolph.

Fake cut to my LJ and crossposted.
Tags: fanfic, manga
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