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FMA Artbook Previews

This is for anyone who's thinking of buying the TV Animation artbook but isn't sure of which images will be in it.

Most links taken from the gallery section of the official Japanese website. The first link taken from the KKnM website.

"Pg" means the pages the image appears in the artbook. - Pg 1, small image only. Pg 2-3 Pg 4-5 Pg 6-7 Pg 8-9 Pg 10-11 Pg 12-13 Pg 14-15 Pg 16-17 Pg 18-19 Pg 20 Pg 21 Pg 22-23 Pg 24-25 Pg 26-27 Pg 28-29 Pg 30-31 Pg 32 Pg 33 Pg 34-35 Pg 36-37 Pg 38-39 Pg 40-41 Pg 42-43 Pg 44 Pg 45 Pg 46-47 Pg 48-49 Pg 50-51 Pg 52 Pg 53 Pg 54-55 Pg 56-57 Pg 58-59 Pg 60 Pg 61 Pg 62-63 Pg 66 Pg 67 Pg 68-69 Pg 70-71 Pg 72-73 Pg 74-75 Pg 76-77

Pg 64-65 is the one that I fondly call "Envy making Ed his bitch", with Envy holding up a very battered Ed by his braid in the Fifth Laboratory while Al plays the armour in distress in the background and Lust shows off her fingers and Gluttony...drools.

Pg 78 has Ed and Al standing back to back, and Pg 79 is Roy and Co., basically the images from two of the posters in the metallic posters series.

And that's basically the entire artbook, excluding the lineart and article at the back of the book. I was pretty surprised to be able to find almost all the images. If this pattern continues, there's most probably going to be another two to three artbooks published, one for the official art of each season.

Cross-posted to my own journal for future reference.
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