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17 October 2010 @ 01:31 pm
[FMA FF]Lovely Rebel (Ed/Original!Greed, leading up to Ed/Roy and Ed/Roy/Original!Greed) - Part 14  
Lovely Rebel
Author: bloody_winged
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Threesome: Ed/Greed, later there will be Ed/Roy which will finally lead up to Ed/Greed/Roy. Oh, and I even managed to squeeze in past Roy/Ed XD There are also hints at past Al/Winry
Warnings: angst, sap, AT, lemons, Ed’s mouth, humor, trying to sound as if I understand alchemy XD
Word Count Chapter: 3.022
Word Count FF posted to date: 50.579
Summary: Ed’s brother puts him on a boarding school after having had to deal with him one time too often.
Thanks: To anime_gal22 and lectawindwalker for the amazing Beta jobs they did on this! *hugs them both*
Author's Note: I’m so sorry for taking longer again *hugs everyone who is still reading this* Also I might warn you all already that there are only two more chapters that I’ve prewritten in order (there are a few chapters later on, but it will be a bit until we get there…) and I haven’t gotten around yet to write more (my muse + a lot of other writing projects getting in the way^^;;). With NaNoWriMo coming up next month I really don’t know how frequent the updates will stay. I’m hoping I’ll still manage reasonable timeframes, but I can’t make any promises after the next two chapters ^^;;

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Lovely Rebel - Chapter 14
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