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Fic - Lives Worth Saving

Title Lives Worth Saving
Author- cornerofmadness
Fandom Fullmetal Alchemist
Disclaimer All rights belong to Sensei Arakawa
Rating PG-13
Characters/Pairing Riza, Roy
Timeline/Spoilers stretches from before series to after it so spoilers for all including the new Ishbal OVA,Yet Another Man’s Battlefield
Word Count 2984
Warning no real warnings, some canon violence
Summary She wanted to keep him safe
Author’s Note It took me forever to come up with an idea that I really liked but I’m really happy how this came out. Thanks to evil_little_dog for the beta. This was written for girlsavesboyfic, what a great idea. I'm really happy to be able to participate in a ficathon dedicated to bringing femme positive fiction to the forefront.

Roy grew up hard

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