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Fic - cleansing

Title Cleansing
Author- cornerofmadness
DisclaimerAll rights belong to Arakawa-sensei
Rating PG 13
Characters/Pairing Alphonse
Timeline/Spoilers early in the series
Word Count 129
Warning none
SummaryTheir home was gone
Author’s Note written for the October Third and it’s meaning to the brothers and for fanfic_bakeoff's extreme prompt


Alphonse knew what they had done to their house was extreme, but his brother never did anything in halves. He had agreed with Ed’s reasoning. They couldn’t run home now. They had to keep moving forward. However, Al also knew that the burning of their house ran deeper. After all, if they came back, Granny and Winry would give them a home. Izumi would, too.

Destroying their home destroyed the evidence of their sin. Fire had been considered ritually cleansing for centuries. Ed would never admit to that thought entering his mind, but Alphonse considered it, at least on a theoretic level. Nothing remained now of their sin except Edward’s metal limbs and his own soul caged within armor. If only fire could have left them cleansed, new, whole.
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