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[Art] Ed, Roy, Tringhams, & doujin-thingy

Hello X3

I wanted to finish a bigger chunk of everything before posting it here, but it's taking longer than expected, so here's the the first batch of art for a series I hope to finish one day D:

The first 3 links are to a comic. The next 5 pages should be up in a couple days. Reads right to left.

Title: Photograph
Genre: General, mystery-thriller-ish? kinda? maybe not XD
Rating: PG-13? There'll be a little blood at the end.
Series: 1st anime/CoS
Characters: Mostly Ed and an OC having a chat.
Warnings: Spoilers if you don't know the setting of CoS. Everything else is made up.
Tagline: How much value can a photograph hold?

Photograph is one chapter in the Alter series. I have 5 stories planned for the series in total, each dealing with different FMA characters in the CoS world. It might ultimately come in fic form if my drawing hand dies. Dreaming big, we'll see how much I can finish.

The next four links are just pics, should all be spoiler-free, SFW.

Title: --and time passes--
This one has nothing to do with the series; just a random experiment.

Title: Or do you like it?
Roy, Ed
Ed-abuse X3 Alter!Roy doesn't appear until Red chapter, and even then, it's a small part. Sorry, Roy :(

Title: Sweet nothings
Russell, Fletcher
Alter!Tringhams. Main characters for Legacy chapter.

Title: Wind in the willows
A stylized version of Photograph, 3, above. My fav of the bunch.

And done :3

To everyone who takes the time to peek, thanks! Hope you enjoy.
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