enemy to sleep (enemytosleep) wrote in fm_alchemist,
enemy to sleep

Art Sign Ups

Artists! You're called to service!

Writers sign ups have closed and the authors are hard at work on their drafts. What we need now are people to create fanart and fan media that corresponds with their stories.

There have been some exciting changes for this year's FMA Big Bang Challenge, which I think you artists will find particularly helpful.

In order to qualify for fanart, authors must submit a draft of no less than 4,000 words by November 30th. Artists who have signed up may then make their choices from the draft list. Once everyone has been paired with an author, they will then have 3 months to complete at least 1 fan art or media that corresponds with their story. Artists are free to sign up for more than one story if time permits and/or may create multiple works for one story if inspired.

For more details, check out the guidelines, timeline, and FAQ.

Artist sign-ups are HERE

Beta reader sign-ups are HERE

Cross-posted. Help spread the word!
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