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First post and shameless advertising!

All right, the gig is up. And by that I mean I'm finally posting something on here. FANART.

I HOPE THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE FROM UTAH OUT THERE! Because Anime Banzai is coming up, and do you know what that means? ARTIST'S ALLEY! That is what I am posting here to inform you about. A little bit of FMA stuff I will be selling! So take a gander beneath the cut. (Don't worry, no spoilers.)

First off, stickers!!

FMA Sticker Set by ~vampire-elf on deviantART

Second, these are kinda old...but they'll still be for sale. Bookmarks!

Bookmark Set 2 by ~vampire-elf on deviantART

That's all for now, folks~
If you want to see more that'll be for sale, check it out. A LINK.>>

If you're planning on going to Anime Banzai in SLC, please stop by the Artist's Alley and say hello! :D
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