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Fic Update: Half Lives, Chapter 21: "Wings of Fire And Love"

Fic HALF LIVES, Chapter 21: Wings of Fire and Love

Author: binaryalchemist 

Rating: This Chapter rated NC 17 (Not Safe For Work)—sorry it’s such a short chapter but the erotic romance makes up for it, I hope!

 Story arc rated from  PG13 to NC17 for yaoi sex and references to domestic violence and spouse abuse.

Pairing: Roy/Ed, Al’s unrequited love for Winry, references to past Roy/Hughes—hints of Havoc/Hawkeye??—and Ed and Winry’s impending divorce. And yes—hints that Ed and Roy’s relationship is more equal than just Roy!Seme/Ed!Uke….

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Yaoi romance.

WARNING: This is yaoi. If you aren’t comfortable, don’t read. Wank will be ignored.

Spoilers: Years have passed since the Father’s Fall (chapter 108)  Things in Resembool have not gone well and Ed has the scars to prove it, seeking healing and refuge in his work at Central Command…but Roy Mustang has never been one to calmly stand by and see his friends hurt…


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SUMMARY : As the bond between lovers deepens,  Frank Archer’s scandalous photographs are proof of Fuhrer Mustang’s affair with Edward Elric—and he plans to go public just as Roy, Emperor Ling, the Tsar of Drachma and the Elric Brothers plan to present Roy’s bold new vision for the future of Amestris to the Parliament, live on Radio Capital.  Riza smells a rat and has a short list of moles in the Palace. Meanwhile, Alphonse has gone behind his brother’s back, unable to turn his back on Winry’s tears…

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A/N Always for rueme  , with gratitude for her amazing art


HALF LIVES, CHAPTER 21: Wings of Fire And Love

By The Binary Alchemist 2010



            Kain Furey shook his head in disgust. He was all for playing by the rules, but sometimes Roy Mustang drove him out of his mind with his stern orders about How The Press Should Be Handled.

            “Tap in. Listen. But don’t interfere.”

            “—but, Sir, I--
            “That’s an order, First Lieutenant!”

            Sigh. “Yessir…”

            Frank Archer was up to no damn good. Furey lovingly fingered his insulated wire snips. Two good clips and all Amestris would hear would be dead air during one of Frank’s insinuation-salted broadcasts. And good as he was, it would take weeks to find the broken lines. But…”if there’s no free press, there’s no democracy, Furey. No matter what they say about me—I’m not going to muzzle the Fifth Estate. Bradley censored the media so tightly that it was no wonder they were so eager to help us overthrow the regime. Whatever else they may say about me—they have to admit I guaranteed the right of freedom of the press, even when it galled the hell out of me to do so.”

            But he wasn’t above bugging Archer’s office.

            Furey dialed the field line. “Elizabeth? Hi! This is Candy. You know that boy on the archery team? I think he’s got his eye on the new blonde in town—you know, the one that just went through the breakup?”

            “Elizabeth” began rapidly jotting down notes. “The one who likes horses?”

            “That’s the one. I think that boy has been sniffing around the stable and might try to hurt…ahhh…Edie’s ….favorite mount. You know, the black stallion.”

            “Elizabeth” checked her ammo clip. “You think that horse is in any danger? Should Claudia and …Tina….be on the lookout for mischief?”

            “I honestly don’t know. But it’s not a bad idea. And tell Fanny and Jacqueline too.”


            Riza scanned her notes: Kain thinks Archer is tailing Edward and may have someone in the Palace acting as a mole, gathering information on the President. Kain advises Claude and Sebastian stay on alert, and to inform Ran Fan and Jean.

            She studied her notes again and added a footnote. She did not mention it to Kain, nor would she mention it to Mustang. It was just a hunch, and she hoped she was wrong, but when it came to Roy Mustang her instincts were indubitably way ahead of the curve.




            “Uh…okay. You wanna know what I think about this Alexandria business.”

            He was wrapped in a heated blanket, sipping scalding hot coffee, his glasses still slightly fogged and his nose still running. Not one person laughed; he held their complete attention.

            “I grew up in this country. My earliest memories are of long blue lines of men limping through the orchard, collapsing in our yard and Mom being asked if they could bury a dead guy on our land or did they have to drag the body all the way to the village.” He twiddled with the handle of his coffee cup before he went on. “My…best friend….her parents were innocent doctors. They were shot to death for doing what they knew was the right thing for people who weren’t the same color or religion. Didn’t matter to them.”

            Nobody said a word.

            “My village was burned to the ground---might have been a big city by now but…with the war and everything.” He glanced at Alphonse who nodded in agreement. “And my dad—nobody knows what he did to make peace in this country. How he died for every last son of a bitchin’ bastard in Amestris. Maybe for the whole goddamn world. Nobody’s gonna know. His name isn’t gonna be in the history books. They’ll remember Roy Mustang. They need to remember Roy Mustang. But they won’t remember Van Hohenheim. I…I hated him my whole life, but---“ he lowered his eyes, “—I…um…all I can say is….” His fists suddenly slammed down on the table so hard it made everybody jump. “You want me in on this thing you plan to do here in this country---then change the name. I don’t give a shit what you call it in Drachma or Xing or anywhere else. But in Amestris, you’d fuckin’ well better name it after that bast…name it after my dad!”

            Roy glanced from face to face. Each one nodded in assent. “Right, then.” He rose and lifted his glass. “Ladies and gentlemen—I give you The Hohenheim Institute!”

            Edward Elric just buried his face in his hands and not even his brother could comfort him.



            “All I can say is….wow. If that’s what he does to dudes, I’d hate to see what he’d do to my girlfriend. Bet he’d eat her pussy inside out. And I’d never see her again.”

            The sheaf of prints was crisp and fresh from the dryer.  Copies for the files and copies for the wire service. Some of ‘em—the best ones—were too hot to make it past the editors. Those Archer would keep for his private collection. “Y’know…with all those stories you heard about Mustang back East and at Central…all the chicks he allegedly banged into oblivion…ain’t no paternity suits out there. And none o’ the chicks is talkin’. Not to mention he didn’t have any of ‘em around for long.”

            “Yeah, now that you mention it. And didn’t a lot of those broads turn out to work for the Old Cunt?”

            “Uh huh. Protecting her little faggot. No tellin’ how many dicks she sucked—or shot off—to keep his name clean. Heard she and Ol’ Groping Grumman were asshole buddies.”

            Archer nodded coolly. “Still are. So watch your asses around Chris Mustang. She’s one hell of a dangerous broad. Bet she’d just love to have that candy-assed blonde as her son-in-law. Looks like Roy-Boy’s been having his fun. He’s done everything but suck his initials on Ed’s dick. Just look at this, gentlemen!”

            A dozen photographs of Edward Elric in his underwear, his tanned skin generously peppered with love bites from toes to torso to neck. His nipples, belly, inner thighs—all of it, as if some hungry lover had devoured him. “Bet if his wife gave head as well as the Fuhrer he’d still be married.”

            “That one? Nice rack, but a gear head. Probably needs something with a kick-start motor and lots of RPM’s to get her wet. Ain’t a man alive with a tongue that moves like those toys down in Rush Valley.” He pulled a new photo out of a manila envelope. “This is pure gold, though.”

            It was a hospital bed with one of its steel rails torn off and shredded sheets. “Cum stains and all. And first hand interview with the night duty nurse about who was yelling what name. Yes, boys, “ Archer took a deep pull on his cigar and blew a smoke wreath contentedly at the ceiling, “Let’s see the Flamer fast talk his way out of this one…”


            Sebastian had ordered him into a warm bath, stoking the fireplace and laying out a large pot of coffee and a platter of sandwiches and cookies.  “I have hot blankets for when you come out, Master Edward,” he informed his charge. “You must not catch cold.”

            “M’okay” from the bathroom.

            “Better my ministrations than Dr. Knox,” the butler added with a smile.

            Ed couldn’t argue with that. “Whatever.”

            “Oh, and His Excellency is finishing a briefing with Emperor Ling and the Tsar. He will be coming up shortly and will be joining you for a private supper. Is there anything else…?”

            “Fuck off!”

            “Fucking off, sir.” Sebastian  composed his features into their usual unflappable calm as he closed the doors and left Ed to soak in peace.




            “I—I miss you.”

            That was all he had to say. She curled herself into a knot of misery around the phone and sobbed.

            “I do…it’s just that…” He swallowed hard and grappled with his love for her and his loyalty to his brother. “You…maybe you both need to…you know…grow up some. Maybe Rush Valley will be a great place for Maes and Nina….I don’t know. Did you find someone nice to be their nanny yet?”

            “…no…” She sounded very small, like a kitten in the rain. “I…I don’t know what to do, Al…”

            “I could help you,” he offered.  “I could find someone here in Central, and maybe see if they’d move to—“

            “…I’ll manage…”

            Her voice sounded so bleak, so helpless. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and rock her, make her feel safe, make her feel worthy and loved again. To give her the comfort she craved—the comfort Ed would never have understood she needed.  “Winry…please…please….let me help you. Ed doesn’t have to know. And if you’re not together anymore, then,” he took a deep breath, “as long as Maes and Nina are all right, it’s none of his business. Okay?”


            His hand shook as he hung up the phone. He lifted the receiver and began to dial frantically. “Please be home….please…please…”



            If  he ran from Winry, as he frequently did, there were curses chasing behind and at every civilized turn of the road, if he dared to call, there were the Endless Questions:

            When are you coming back?

            Damn you, every time I try to tell you how I feel you just run off…

            You don’t even give a damn about your own children…

            I WAITED for you….the very least you could do is…

            He tried to run from Roy. Roy gave him a warm coat, dry socks, a wallet—to his surprise it had over a thousand cens in it—a packet of sandwiches and about a week’s worth of K-rations and water purification tablets, neatly stashed in a deep inner pocket. A small notebook with phone numbers and several pens. Coins for pay phones. And something else—a tiny hunk of bent steel that he detached from the bed rail Edward had broken with his automail foot the first time they made love.

            Run if you have to, if you need to, Roy was telling him without words.

            You are restless. You despise being tied down to anything or anyone.

            Run from me—and I will live my life for Amestris, just as I have always done.

            Try to forget me if you can…I will not forget you.

            Roy set him free.

            And that also meant he was free to run back.


            “Wherever you go…remember this.

            Flickers of amber light and the scent of wood smoke and cinders. Taste of seed and sweat  and tears on his tongue—taste of Roy. His legs twined around lean hips that rocked with maddening slowness…in…ahh, godddd!!!….and out….yesssroy…don’t…d-don’tstopPLEASEdon’t…. Savor it…inch by inch…”Do you trust me?” ‘You know I do.”

            “Then…let go.”

            And he slowly bent backwards, easing, trusting…holding his breath…until all that held him were the driving hips locked in the tight circle of his legs and the living steel that anchored him, heart to heart, from deep inside his body…and those strong, scarred hands that clasps his own, letting him fall back to the length of their outstretched arms, his body arching up into a perfect bow, taut and beautiful and glistening with sweat, his unbound hair spilling across the rug at Roy’s feet.

            His blood was pounding in his ears, his eyes could only see the heart of the blaze that warmed him. Fire before his eyes. Fire churning inside him. Fire in the heart of the man set him loose—from the past, from Winry—even from Roy himself. A man that loved him so profoundly that he not only refused to bind Ed, he gave him wings of fire and love to speed him on his way—knowing in his heart that Edward would always find his way home again.

            He was sobbing and it didn’t matter. He was surrounded by fire, consumed and deconstructed and it felt for all the world like he was falling through the Gateway—but the only Truth that waited for him was the one he’d held back for fear of…for fear of being trapped again.

            But the traps were sprung,  Roy had torn their rusty jaws apart and set him free at last and the words came out with the rush of seed and ecstasy…


            And his body was jerked forward and his mouth was devoured and the last words were lost in a tangle of tongues and indistinct cries of pleasure. They shuddered together, heat spreading inside his body and Roy rubbed his chest against Edward’s, the pearly trails of semen melting into his heated skin, its scent and those words marking him as owned, marking him as Edward’s—as nobody else had claimed Roy before.

            Not even Maes…


            “I wanna come inside you.”

            Roy shivered, running his nails lightly along Ed’s spine. “If you’re sure you’re ready.” He let go of his lover long enough to lie back on the sofa, eyes heavy-lidded with wanton invitation. “Tell me what you want.”

            Ed looked suddenly shy. “I…I saw Hughes. Once. Coming out of the shower. Forgot his robe and didn’t know anybody was up.” He cleared his throat nervously. “He’s…he was…y’know…uhhh…big.”

            Roy nodded. “And?”

            “I’m …not,”

            Roy pulled him down and lovingly stroked the softened flesh between them. “It’s not the cock,” he whispered gently. “It’s the heart that matters. And if you feel ready…I want it.” His eyes danced mischievously. “Who wants a lover who can’t give as good as he gets? Do you want me on my knees, or—“

            “I want you…” he sighed, shaking his head, “when all the bullshit is done. When the book is signed and the gavel comes down and I walk out of the office a free man. I want that to look forward to. Okay?”

            Roy didn’t laugh. He settled Edward into the curve of his body and nuzzled his sweaty hair. ‘On the day you ask…hold nothing back, Ed. And neither will I.”



            “And in a late breaking story, Fuhrer President Mustang, the Emperor of Xing and the Tsar of Drachma will be addressing the Amestrian Parliament tomorrow morning at noon. It is believed that they will be joined on this occasion with Amestrian Aeronaut Alphonse Elric and former State Alchemist Edward Elric. Details of the address are not available at this time but it has been speculated by insiders that the address is in some way related to President Mustang’s recent announcement that the Amestrian State Alchemist program will no longer be used for military purposes. The address will preempt regular scheduled programming on Radio Capital.

            “Thank you—and have a pleasant evening.”

            Frank Archer switched off the radio. “Have a pleasant evening, boys. It’s the last peaceful night’s sleep either one of you is gonna have for a long, long time…”





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