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Thoughts on 38 and 39 . . .

I just watch episode 38 last night and the 39 raw just now (and understood about a third of it.) These are some thoughts I had after watching them . . .

First off, what is it with hot, potentially homicidal people and humming Ode to Joy in the key of Q? I kept thinking of Kaworu Nagisa throughout that whole scene.

Next: Havoc-shoui = Gourry!!!! OMFG! (Please understand that I became addicted to Slayers at the age of 13, and only jsut found out yesterday that Gourry and jean Havoc are voiced by the same guy. No wonder Havoc sounded so familiar when he starts spazzing out . . .) I haven't been this floored since I found out that the guy who plays Scar also played Shigure in Fruits Basket . . . and yeah, that has nothing to do with anything.

On a more serious note . . . My favorite theory at this point is that Pride is Archer and Hohenheim is Daisouto Bradley. Because if I understand correctly, Gluttony says that Pride is in Ishbal (and Archer certainly qualifies for the title.) And as for Bradley, a combination of gut feeling and the fact that he obviously knows what the Sins are up to (and may even be directing them) and that he's just crazy enough to be related to Ed and Al all tell me that he's their dad. I'll be very eager to see if this is true.

NOOO, Scar! Don't make Lior go boom! You're a good guy! A good guy! (I love Scar, but right now I just wanna smack him.)

Lastly, and this doesn't have to do with those two episodes, actually, but there's something about the Homonculus I'm curious about: Why is it that Lust, Wrath, Greed and Envy all have chalk-white skin, black hair and purple cat-slit eyes, while Sloth still retains her normal coloring? Is it maybe because she's the youngest of them all and the Homunculus coloring hasn't set in yet? Lust is at least 6 or 7 years old, and she used to have brown skin and hair and red eyes. What's up with that?

Lastly . . . Martel is love.

If anyone has any thoughts on any of these subjects, please feel free to share. ^_^

Can't wait for 40! And subbed 39, of course . . . I can finally find out how whacked out my translation is!
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