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Another for the pile XD

Hi. I'm new. I'm a rotten fangirl, been an FMA fan for about six weeks, and GOLLY do I like Ed. This community is what lured me into LiveJournal, so that's another way I'm a n00b...and now, before I completely lose my nerve, here is a picture of Ed in a maid costume as an offering and as my contribution to that whole "get Ed in a skirt" thing.

See, Ed's saying, "Who're you calling excellent, brilliant mahoromaTEENY-WEENY?!"'s from the Mahoromatic ending song. (It's okay, Ed, I didn't like that show, either XD)

I have a, ah...sequel (so to speak) to this picture that I drew because I wanted to draw Ed's stockings, but it's a lot more RoyEd than this one...will anybody be very upset if I stick that in here sometime?

There's nothing too scary, but it's got Ed in a dress and Roy, in case you find that kind of thing unpalatable.

Anyways, nice to meet you all, and hooray for beans ^^

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