Covertly Esperific (summerwolf) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Covertly Esperific

People, hear me mourn.

I don't live in the US. Rather, I'm in one of the random obscure third world countries most people don't care about. Therefore, I have no idea what you guys are getting with the English localization of FMA, and I probably will have no idea even after you get it.

However, with the current news being what they are (that Funi/ADV is serious with this project), you're still lucky. *envious*

FMA : The Manga has just been licensed where I live. By a company which has so far consistently....delivered out stuff with poor-to-average translations (the worst of it made me wonder if I'm actually reading my native language or just some look-alike variant), slipshod binding (pages falling out just when you open them is a common occurrence), bad printing (the ink smears on your hand), poor art editing (covers can end up having different color tints, and some are quite blurry) and a rather annoying letters column.

I myself can survive, since my Japanese is decent enough to stick with Kinokuniya's imports. But the rest of the FMA fans and would-be fans....ha. Ha.

Of course, if any of you live in Thailand and happen to like SIC's work, this is purely opinion.
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