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Three FMA Ficlets: "The Cave"; "The Love Shack" and "Politics of Dancing"

Title: The Cave
Author: evil_little_dog
Rating: K+
Characters: Alphonse, Baby Elric
Disclaimer: So not Arakawa.
Summary: Do you know what lives in caves?

* * *

Title: The Love Shack
Author: evil_little_dog
Rating: Teen
Characters: Ed, Al, Ling (Al/Ling)
Disclaimer: Arakawa would probably hurt me for this.
Summary: Al smiled, not quite sheepishly.

* * *

Title: Politics of Dancing
Author: evil_little_dog
Rating: Teen
Characters: Edward/Winry
Disclaimer: I own lots of things. FMA isn't one of those them.
Summary: Winry tweaked Ed's bowtie.

Fake cut to my LJ, and crossposted to various places. Sorry for spam.
Tags: fanfic (teen)
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