enemy to sleep (enemytosleep) wrote in fm_alchemist,
enemy to sleep

FMA Big Bang Master List

Okay, I couldn't help myself - doing these kinds of things relaxes me, and I've had a stressful day. @_@

The Master List for the 2009-2010 Big Bang Challenge is nearly complete!

I went back and tracked down nearly all of the stories from last year's challenge. There were several that never made it to the list, despite being done on time. These stories need some love!

There are lots of pairings and genres to choose from, everything including:

-First Anime Fic
-Manga Fic
-And More!

The updated list can be found HERE.

Please go and be reading them now. If your story/art is one of the missing ones, please let me know! I want everyone to be on there!

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