abstract_helix (abstract_helix) wrote in fm_alchemist,

A fic hunting we go!

I swore I wasn't going to do this, that I would use the power of TEH GOOGLE and triumph over the nagging fics that I didn't bookmark and have burrowed their way into my mind, but teh google has failed me so I come to you.

If anyone has links to either of these fics, I'll shower you with internet cookies.

1. Havoc/Winry gun!kink. Winry dresses up as cadet, and Havoc gets to be in charge and train her up (with his penis).

2. A Maes/Gracier getting together fic on fma_fic_contest during one of the open word length weeks. Sadly, that's just about the only info I have to go on. I've read a couple different stories of them getting together so they've probably blended in my mind. If you're able to find this one I'll give you internet chocolate chip cookies.

Thanks guys! You're awesome.
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