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Written for darkazriel, from my Request a Drabble post (still taking requests).

Actually, after I had decided on a definition for Christening, this came out rather easily.

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Envy X Wrath (anime)
Title: Christening
Word Count: 193
Rating: PG/PG-13

...Mischaracterization? I see no mischaracterization! Whatever are you talking about?

If you know who anime Wrath is, no spoilers.

It felt weird to know that he created him. To know that he was the one who brought him into their world, into the world of the Sins.
It felt weird, but it felt good. Good to know that he was in charge of him, to know that the kid was under his control.
“Come on, kid,” he said, jerking his head, indicating for the shorter one to follow him.
“What are you going to do?” the kid asked, looking somewhat bored.
“It’s time for your Christening,” Envy said, smirking slightly.
“My Christening?” the kid asked, looking curious now.
“Yes, your christening. Think of it as ... a rite of passage.”
“What do you want to do,” Envy asked, kneeling in front of the kid and looking at him suggestively. He tucked a lock of hair behind the kids ears.
He knocked Envy’s hand away. “Quit it,” he snapped.
Envy smirked, leaned in close, and stared into the kids eyes. “Wrath.”
The kid blinked, the pulled back a little. “What?”
“Your name. It’s Wrath,” Envy grinned and stood up straight again. “Come on now, Lust wants Sloth to babysit you while we do some work.”

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