Yuuki Hikari (yuuki) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Yuuki Hikari

He Who Searches For Himself - New Chapter

Story: He Who Searches For Himself
Chapter: Part XXX (30) - The Dual Tandem
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 1st TV series only
Previous: Chapter list for Part I thru Current
Genre: GenFic; PlotFic; Post First Series; AU!Movie
Premise: The story picks up right after the end of the first TV series. Ed's journey to get home, Al's journey to find him.
Chapter Summary: Winry heads out on a 'date' with watchful eyes keeping track of her, while the people in Central get into an uproar thanks to Al's actions.
Author Note: zomg 30 chapters! I must be crazy. R&R is loved <3

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Read Option B (@ LJ)

Please enjoy ^^

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