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2011 Anime/Manga Calendars - Accepting Reservations

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Animate has opened up their yearly calendar reservations,
and so I have decided to accept reservations from overseas, for people who are interested in purchasing!

Not all calendar samples have been released on the site yet, and there is no guarantee that they will release samples,
but if you are interested nonetheless, please take a look beneath the cut for more details.

1) All calendars will be 3,000 JPY - which includes the shipping and handling fees, regardless of what country you reside in.
2) Once you reserve, you cannot cancel reservations.
3) All payments through paypal must be made by September 31st, 2010. If I do not receive payment by then, orders will be canceled.
4) All calendars are in material form. No digital/computer calendars.
5) I will order from Animate once I confirm your payment.
6) First come - first serve. If reservations exceed possible orders, I will cancel/payback later orders.
7) If you are interested in reserving, please leave a comment and send me a PM with mailing address. I will send you my paypal email addres and further directions. :)

( Details and Samples )
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