bob_fish (bob_fish) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fic: Blush Response

Title: Blush Response
Characters: Roy/Kimbley, cameo from Maes
Rating/warnings: NC-17. Kink, poor judgement, one-sided goofiness, Kimbley. Also, like every other Roy in Ishbal fic, hints of gore and angst.
Word count: 5404
Setting: Mangaverse, during the Ishbal Super-fun Beach Party of Annihilation.
Summary: Doesn't everyone need an entry in their sexual history marked "what the hell was I thinking?"
Note 1: enemytosleep drew an illustration for this fic for her own Roy/Kimbley fuh_q art entry. Please go and check out her smexy art!
Note 2: Thanks to cornerofmadness for permission to use a particular dubious technique she gave Kimbley. Thanks to enemytosleep for the lightning beta and the joke.

Roy had all his best ideas at 2am.

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