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A Birthday Present From My Friend...

*waves* Um. Hello. oo; I'm sorta new here...sorta not. o_o;; Been her for a while, just never bothered to post. o_O;;;

Anyway, I'm posting to show what my friend made me for my birthday...an Ed KiSS Doll! XD And if you don't know what a Kiss Doll is...It's a paper doll for your computer, basicly. Anyway, I'm gonna post screenshots for you all to point and laugh at.

By the way, Train is the dude from Black Cat in Weekly Shonen Jump. o_o;

Screenshot One
Screenshot Two
Screenshot Three (Personally, This one made me laugh the most. I can just imagine my face... XD)
Screenshot Four
Screenshot five

I hope this isn't against the rules or anything, because I just thought you all would like to see these. XD
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