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roy maes ova screencaps

well, thanks to a number of you who helped in my last post, I was able to assemble many screencaps from the maes roy ova, and I have assembled them along with my own comments which are dumb.


also images were taken from a korean website so they have korean sigs on them, also I do NOT have the video

danggit I'm cute!

fuck I hope no one makes me do pushups.

yeah I can totally pull off the backwards hat thing

unf sweaty roy

and sad roy aww

huh? ethnic discrimination? huh?

aw sweetie roy to the rescue

this will end well.

sure am hungry

oh good, a quiche, I sure hope no one.,..

but...but I... my quiche


you snooze you lose, sucker >XD

this indignity will not soon be forgotten.

motherfucker stole my quiche


and now he thinks he can outrun me??

pft, I totally pull the hat off better.

hate that nerd!

roy has a plan for revenge though

roy there's like 4 quiches left. revenge fail

what nooooow sucker?

oh it's on


wtf is wrong with those guys

oh it's Roy and Hughes! being competitive :O

heh you suck

more like you suck

reading and walking at the same time is not a good idea kids

uh oh, is that more ethnic discrimination?

you guys, six on one isn't fair

enter moral outrage roy!

that is a lot of spit

our spitty friend! you'll pay for this!

fight back, Roy!

clearly I am powerless to assist

is it just me or is Roy being held like that kinda sexy?

oh good, a rescue

drop the dork!

aw this jerk again what do you want?

okay the ishballan and the dork over here

now it will be easier to shoot!

was the quiche worth it, Maes?


gonna shoot you guys for realz.

ethnic tolerance is our friend!


hey this guy's alright. hurray for tolerance!

it's time for super bff magic powers!


still powerless to help

as punishment, the bullies were made to run in a circle

and roy, maes and ishballan jim were made to dig a hole

you know guys, no one's ever been this nice to me

mostly life sucks

that's depressing man

but this is why we need to start a tolerance team! just for bffaeae okay?

yeah, sounds good. okay on three.

one, two... TOLERANCE


and they all laughed and it was a good day for everyone and there was plenty of quiche. this will end well.

oh wait

roy did I show you my fork yet?

yeah it's awesome but hold on I also have an awesome thing to show you

woah cool

better than a fork anyway

hey roy

oh hey ishballan jim, how've you been since graduation?


aw shit

oh sorry, I just remember you killed my people with your awesome explosion

you die now!

fuck ow why!

ishballan jim!

NO ONE TOUCHES MY BFF (yeesh these guys are way into each other)

night watch sucks

oh good thing your pocket watch is awesome otherwise you woulda died and this ova woulda fucked with canon a lot

you want a soda, kiddo?

you wanna hear about gracia maybe?

she promised she'd put out when i got home <3

but... I want to be the one to put out for you

you couldnt'a told me this earlier??

all those cold nights??

dude you smell like ishballan jim's brains

that is not the point!

i'm gonna... go... touch myself with my hands

well this sure is taking a while.. my back is sore.

hey. sorry I snapped at you.

I thought about you, ya know. while I was in my tent.

aw c'mon don't be mad, I can't be bff fighting team without you

this is true.

and so they were bffs!

that was a fast war

hey where's riza?


you know, the woman I'm literally with *all* the time to whom I just gave serious skin injuries and I probly would have insisted sit with us on the train.

i dunno

maes! I made you quiche!

babycakes <3 <3 <3

that crafty bastard. now he has all the quiche he wants and my main female love interest is nowhere to be seen.

oh well, at least my hand is here.

welp, time to go on a new adventure.

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