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Love's Me Not Amv // Roy x Ed x Winry

This video was not constructed to make fun of or hate upon either pairing. I like both RoyEd and EdWinry. This song just gave me the opportunity to edit to both.  Please don't start a pairing fuss over this.  Please...let's be a little mature about the comments...

Song: Love's me Not by T.a.T.u
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood
Paiirngs: Edward x Winry and Roy x Edward

I got inspiration for this video after watching another amv with this song. It's my first time working with T.a.t.u and it was rather fun but the chorus parts were annoying....It's seems to have developed a story of it's own while I was editing so you can interpret it any way you want. I see it as a bit of a sad plot where Ed ends up with neither one because of his inability to choose between the two but you might see it differently.
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