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The Icon Alchemist

Never Forget! Square Enix is holding a Tribute

Since it doesn't look like anyone's going to post about it, I thought I should give everyone a quick heads up...

The GanGan website is holding a "Don't forget Fullmetal Alchemist" tribute here:

Fans can send in messages addressed to the characters, which will be used in some kind of a memorial thing with illustrations by Arakawa sensei! (^▽^*)

Because of the huge cast, they're doing this category by category.
Team Mustang is up now, but the deadline (every category gets one week) is 8/18 Japan time, which means there're only 12 hours left!
Hurry up if you have anything to say to the tachi, you'll even get a cute wallpaper for it♥
The form's right here (・ω・)ノ

Translation of form~

(1) Please choose the character you'd like to address.
Roy Mustang ☆ Riza Hawkeye ☆ Jean Havoc
Heymans Breda ☆ Vato Falman ☆ Maes Hughes
Kain Fuery ☆ Alex Louis Armstrong

(2)Please enter your message. (*Limited to 20 characters)←I wish the limit's longer, 20 characters is way too short even for japanese, and for english... well, we'll just have to be creative! (゜∀゜;)

(3)Please enter your penname. (*Limited to 7 characters)

Go go go, the clock's ticking! (> <)

many thanks to dassouchuu for giving the heads up!

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