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16 August 2010 @ 08:48 pm
fic: lux perpetua luceat eis; edward/winry [nc-17]  

title: lux perpetua luceat eis
author: nefelokokkygia
pairing: edward/winry
rating: hard r/nc-17
timeline/spoilers: all of post-manga/brotherhood canon
notes: yes, I stole the title from the libera me; inspirational Latin gregorian chant lyrics within, erotica-smut, I call Risembool 'Rizenburg' because I saw it in an early scanlation somewhere a long time ago and it sounds much more awesome,  Winry keeps her last name because it is epic, and I think that's about it; written for fma_fic_contest 

summary:  burn the pocket-map to heaven, because only you can guide your golden child home.