flyin_bison (flyin_bison) wrote in fm_alchemist,

In the Dark- Chapter 7: Scars (7/??)

Title:In the Dark-Chapter 7: Scars
Category: Maes/Roy and some Roy/Riza
Author: FlyinBison
Rated: M (Language and implied adult situations)
Genre: Angst/Drama
Spoilers: Yes, in regards to Maes, but not really if you’re watching the series
Status: Continuing
Intro:Roy never could put his finger on why Maes fascinates him. Despite his efforts to run, Roy’s feelings grow along with his alchemic skills. Set mostly during Roy’s academy days. MaesXRoy hints and tension. Multiple storylines; one major plot. Many flashbacks.
Disclaimer: The following is based on characters as developed by Hiromu Arkawa. By no means do I take credit for their creation and/or character development.

Previous chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

"What are you doing...Maes?"

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