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Fic and Art: When Life Gives You Dishes, Make Chocolate Fudge Cake

I come to pimp vwl's fic and my art for July's fma_fuh_q. While you're at it, please do check out the other entries for this month over at the comm. Every month authors and artists sign up to make lovely porn of a different FMA character. August is Kimbley month - go on, authors and artists, you know you want to!

Title: When Life Gives You Dishes, Make Chocolate Fudge Cake
Author: Rydia Highwind / vwl
Rating: Somewhere between a night of passionate, pants-on hugging, and turgid, throbbing, purple manhoods. I'd say heavy-R/light-NC17.
Pairing: Ling/Ed.

Word Count: 5,704

Summary: "Ling Yao, when I get out of these fucking ropes and regain the ability to move my limbs, your ass is mine."

Warnings: Bondage, food kink, etc. Also, almost-but-not-quite-bad!sex. I wish it was bad!sex, but it isn't.

To the fic over at vwl's writing journal!

Title: Red string of fate, or something [illustration for vwl's fic When Life Gives You Dishes, Make Chocolate Fudge Cake]

Artist: bob_fish
Rating: NC-17 for bondage and visible boy parts. Not worksafe.
Pairing: Ling/Ed

Medium: Photoshop and drawing tablet

To the illo over at bob_fish's journal!

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