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9 Ficlets

I've written a few little FMA ficlets and never made a real post here.
Most are from fma_fic_contest because I've fallen in love with that place and the awesome entries from each round.

Anyway, without further ado:

I also have an FFnet account if that's easier to read on but it's a basic journal layout.

past fma_fic_contest entries:

Over Time, it Fades, Al, Wordcount: 1,000, Rating: G
Summary: Al gets his body back and with it his senses. Also, a kitten.

Deck of Cards, Greed & the Devil's Nest crew, Wordcount: 500, Rating: PG
Summary: Greed did have the best friends in the world

I'm Not Allergic, I'm Just Dying of Tuberculosis, Ed and Alfons, Wordcount: 250, Rating: PG
Summary: Edward is tempted to get Alfons a cat for Christmas, which would probably make his little heart soar in joy. Alas, anime Edward is also an angstnugget who will come up with any excuse NOT to do something that ends in happiness

Friendship, Hoho and Homunculus, Wordcount: 500, Rating: PG
Summary: Hohenheim thought Homunculus was his BFF, but that little monster was playing him the whole time :'(

Too Weird, Al and Ed, Wordcount: 500, Rating: PG-13
Summary: Al is SO GROSSED OUT by Ed having been involved with Alfons Heiderich because yeah that is AWKWARD EW and Ed does not seem to grasp the seriousness of this.

Other minifics:

I Don't Think You're Cute, I Just Want Your Calculator, Ed and Alfons (Ed/Hei pairing), Wordcount: 525, Rating: G
Summary: Alfons is missing his rocket padding, and he also has a crush on Edward.

Rose Lamp, Winry and Al, Wordcount: 576, Rating: G
Summary: Winry likes to watch boys sleep, Roy and Riza (Roy/Riza pairing), Wordcount: 1114 , Rating: PG?
Summary: Roy lets Riza sleep in the morning after and she doesn't even say thank you! Edited version of something I did during an EXCITING LIVEPOST ADVENTURE <3

Shower, Edward and some Winry and Al, Wordcount: 872, Rating: PG
Summary: Ed is reluctant to shower during his recovery

If I need to post in a different format, let me know!
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