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Aa... Yus, FMA has eaten my brain and sold my soul to the devil. Second FMA ficlet of the evening, courtesy of lazulisong's ficlet Library Rules, and the scene at the end with near-sighted!Roy. And the ending is sappy drivel that probably doesn't make sense tacked on like that, but since the fic had gone totally different from what I wanted (I was supposed to be ROY who made the agreement with Ed to stop his arguing with Al!) I couldn't use the sappy bit I had in mind. Dammit.

Rating: PG
Pairings: Just a little bit of Roy/Ed at the very end. Unless you want to count the whole looking-out-for-his-health bit and then the whole thing's Roy/Ed.



They were at it again, Al reflected. It had been the same old argument for three years, ever since the Colonel—Now Brigadier General—had discovered his brother in Eastern’s Library complaining of a blinding headache. Apparently, the idea of his protégé squinting nearsightedly at the very books that had brought about so many of their victories—And Mustang’s promotions—didn’t sit well with the man, because every time Ed returned to Central (Mustang had been relocated once again, upon his promotion), the older man heckled him about seeing an optometrist about getting a pair of glasses. And every time the answer was the same—Ed could see just fine, thank-you-very-much, and it wasn’t his fault that half the books in the First Branch were hand-written journals.

Sighing, Al shifted, settling down more comfortably for the long wait—The actual report was usually done and over with in about twenty minutes. The glasses argument however…

“The glasses argument again, Alphonse-kun?”

Looking up, Al smiled haphazardly at Hawkeye, and nodded, rubbing the back of his head. Even after nearly a year of being human again, he couldn’t get used to the sensation of being able to feel, and it was disconcerting at times. Especially now, considering it was just after the very encounter that started these arguments that Ed had had a breakthrough with the stone—Though by the time he’d puzzled out the refining process, and transmuted Al back to himself, with the addition of several years, it had been too late for Ed to avoid taking a commission with the military in return for the continued protection of his brother.

“Ah… How long have they been going this time, Alphonse?” The amused smirk on Hawkeye’s face was enough to send a saint to drink, Al thought, as he dug out his watch—obtained against Ed’s wishes—and flipped it open to check the time.

“About an hour and forty minutes, Hawkeye-san.” He sighed, tilting his head to look up at her again, grinning ruefully. “About ten minutes longer than the previous record, and they don’t sound like they’re going to stop anytime soon…”

The woman rolled her eyes, and straightened. “Right. This has to stop.”

“Ah! Shosa, chotto--!” Before Al could stop her, the now major had pushed open the door, and firmly shut it behind them, the teen having followed in an attempt to dissuade her.

“Jushou, Fullmetal-san,” Hawkeye paused, saluting smartly, despite the fact that her free hand hovered near the butt of her gun, and waited until she had both Ed and Roy’s attention. “You two have been arguing this issue back and forth for years, and between the two of you, you are driving Alphonse-kun up the wall.” As both men made to protest, she overtly dragged a fingertip across strap securing her gun in it’s holster, watching them with narrowed eyes. “Now, in order to stop this childishness, and prevent Alphonse from going insane, I propose a compromise.”

Across the room, Mustang’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t protest, simply moving to lean against his desk as Edward dropped bonelessly onto the couch. “And what do you suggest, Major?” As he spoke, he gestured for her to be at ease, and Hawkeye’s stance widened in accordance, though her eyes were still narrowed.

“Both of you go. You have been complaining of headaches far more often, sir.”

“Major…!” Roy’s face dropped into his hand, aggrieved, as Ed burst into maniacal laughter.

“Oh this is too good! Stupid jushou’s been at me for years and he needs them too?!” Al sighed and shook his head as he looked away just before he heard the snap of flint-cloth clad fingers and his brother’s yelp of shock. ‘Baka nii-san…’

The room was silent, save for his brother’s muttered curses, before Roy finally sighed, and nodded. “Fine. Schedule an appointment, and have Havok bring a car around. Feel free to use any clearance codes you need to.”


It made absolutely no sense, Al reflected hours later as the four of them left the optometrist’s. With his brother’s equivalent trade agreement between him and the Brigadier General, it should have taken just as long for them to actually agree to Riza-san’s proposal, not to mention how long it should have taken them to decide on frames they liked. Instead, the two men had taken only minutes to find a pair of frames each, and they’d shocked Al beyond words when they each sighed, and then held them out to the other, both of them excepting the trade in silence.

What Al didn’t see, however, was the grateful look that had passed between Roy and his brother, both of them silently thanking each other for staying away from the rectangular frames that would bring back bad memories for the both of them, and the promise to prove that thankfulness later that had passed afterwards.

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edit: Another fic, Coil is also available.
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