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One Shot

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Gen. Tiny spoiler sort of... nothing plot related
Title: Vandalism

The office was empty when he got there and he had some time to kill. He figured they’d be back in a few minutes. The set up was familiar to him. He could tell which desk belonged to who. Breda’s had the same old coffee mug. Havoc’s had the lingering scent of cigarets and Riza’s was impossibly neat. Otherwise there was only one new thing in the office. A small corkboard with a few snapshots tacked to it.
They weren’t anything special really. Just a few candid shots of the crew. One of Riza at her desk, Havoc and Breda playing cards, Falman in a coat with a snowball plastered to the side of his head. One of Fury working with some equipment. Another of Mustang working with Riza. His gaze settled on this picture. There was something about it. Something about the expression on Roy’s face. It reminded him of something. Before he left he snatched a pen off Riza’s desk and quickly added a finishing touch.
Later, when he was on the train, he tried to imagine how Mustang would react when he noticed the mustache. The thought made Ed smile.
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