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Lyrics/Translation Question (Golden Time Lover)

Soo . . . because you people are epically awesome, I'm hoping a few of you may know the answer to this:

The fourth line of Golden Time Lover (from the FMAB sndtrk, in case you somehow weren't  aware ^_^ ) is (assuming the interwebs were correct where I pulled this from):

yaru shika nainda / iikikaseru you ni sou tsubuyaita
やるしかないんだ 言い聞かせるように そうつぶやいた

Which I've seen translated as both:

I whisper to myself that I just have to keep on going


  “I’ve got no choice but to try” / Those were the words I muttered to myself

Is the phrase  "yaru shika nainda" (which I think in kanji(?) in hiragana is やるしかないんだ -can anyone confirm that's the correct kanji hiragana? [edit: confirmed]) the phrase that is usually being translated as "I've got no choice but to try" or, sometimes, "I must force myself"? And if so, is there a more accurate, or direct, translation that anyone can provide? I'm pretty sure I've seen this phrase in a few of the OST songs, and as it is certainly a personal mantra for Edward, as well most of the FMA ensemble, I wanted to be certain of its meaning. I think it's a good personal motto to have :)

As always, thanks for your input, you wonderful haragen fandom! So bittersweet this all is ending ::crosses fingers for gaidens and spin offs::
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