colonel_alqui (colonel_alqui) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Ending similarities between the 1st anime and the manga?

Anyone else notice these? And are there any that I missed?:

1.) 1st anime - Roy lost sight in one eye. Manga - Roy was temporarily blind.

2.) 1st anime - Hohenheim died after serving his 'purpose'. Manga - Hohenheim also died after serving his 'purpose'.

3.) 1st anime - The very last shot of the movie was the photographs on Winry's wall. Manga - The second to last page was covered in photographs.

4.) 1st anime - Edward lost his alchemic abilities after passing through the Gate. Manga - Edward lost his alchemic abilities to Truth in order to gain Alphonse back.

I just thought this was interesting and wished to share it with you all.

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