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Shounen GanGan September Issue will have a reprint of Chapter 108.

As one of the few individuals that failed to obtain a copy of GanGan July (tried Amazon, they failed despite I pre-ordered, and then I tried local bookstore after Amazon alerted me of its failness, but local bookstore said it was too late as they already ran out of all copies of GanGan July, including their branches in Japan), this is certainly a good news for me. Another chance to get your hand on a magazine copy of FMA chapter 108 has arrived!




鋼の錬金術師 最終話を再度掲載いたします。

In short, what that message said is, because GanGan July (published June 11th) is completely sold out in all bookstores, and even Square-Enix has completely ran out of stock, and many readers have reflected that they were unable to read the final chapter of Fullmetal Alchemist, they have decided to reprint FMA 108 in GanGan September, which will be published on August 12th.

So, if you were unable to get hold of GanGan July, and you want a magazine-copy version of that final chapter (difference between magazine version VS manga version: magazine version has a few colour pages, but general quality is crappier), then you can perhaps get yourself a copy of GanGan September. Note that they didn't say what the furoku (extra gift) will be, so... I doubt that it will be the memorial clock. Hopefully it will still be a FMA-themed furoku though!

If you still want a copy of GanGan July, the only way I could think of getting it is via Yahoo! Japan Auction, using a middleman service. It will be a very expensive way of getting it, especially because GanGan weights over 1kg (ohh the shipping fee is gonna be ugly) but well if you have money to burn, I don't see why not. =P

FMA volume 26 will also be published on August 12. Volume 27 will be the final volume of FMA and will be out in November I believe.

dammit it Square-Enix, you should have printed more copy if GanGan July! FMA is after all, the 4th bestselling manga in Japan! Stupid!
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