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Selling doujin

Yup. I need some money for my summer conventions, and I haven't started work yet, so I'm selling some of my old doujinshi. It's mostly Roy/Havoc, with some Roy/Ed and one Ed/Havoc (and a -teensy- bit of Roy/Hughes).

If anyone wants a picture, just say so! Same goes for a shipping quote (I live in NY and will be using UPS).

Listed as follows:
Pairing and summary (as far as I can tell; I can't speak Japanese yet)
Artist (again, from what I can tell)
Rating, page number, price

Animal Therapy
Roy/Havoc. Havoc comes back from a mission, exhausted, and goes into a spare room for a nap. Roy comes in, acting VERY odd and... cuddly. Havoc is understandably weirded out by this, but eventually goes along with it-- then Hughes bursts in and steals Roy. x'D Odd little doujin, but funny and kind of cute.
Yako Kujo
PG-13, 20pg, $5

Roy/Ed. This one is actually three short stories, though they may be parts of a longer one. Really can't tell much... Ed seems to be angsting in the first two. About... something having to do with Roy. The second one appears to mention Nina. The third one is actually some sort of Ed/Scar friendship (which is adorable). The art is also really nice.
Ronno & Kalus
PG-13, 20pg, $5

Roy/Havoc. Short version: Havoc talks to some girl, Roy gets mad. Roy is later seen with the same girl, and Havoc gets upset. Havoc goes to Roy's house, they talk (argue?), and it ends with Havoc kissing Roy, who is... getting into the shower, for some reason. o_O I dunno, it's kind of cute.
Artist unknown
PG-13, 20pg, $5

We want love more and more
Roy/Havoc. Involves a lot of Havoc fantasizing and generally being his silly self. No one shows up to his birthday party, apparently... then he goes to Roy's house and Roy cheers him up by giving him a little present. And a hug. Aww.
Shina Suzaka
PG-13, 24pg, $7

Kimi to iu sekai (I *think* is the title)
Roy/Havoc. They talk about stuff... they have sex (on the floor, I think)... they talk about more stuff. Then there's a short Hughes/Roy novel. Yup...
Artist unknown
R, 16pg doujin and 6pg novel, $7

Tremble and sleep, sleep, sleep...
Ed/Havoc. Really reluctant to give this one up. Ed, Havoc and Roy are at Hughes' grave. Ed reflects on how Hughes was a sort of parental figure to him. Havoc talks to Roy, gets upset, goes to comfort Ed... they talk and it's very sweet and sad. Ed cries a little (though magically doesn't look like a little bitch-- kudos to the doujinka), then they have sex. Kind of a bittersweet story.
Mii Ishikawa
R, 34pg, $10
Roy/Havoc. It's implied that they're already in a relationship (and having sex). It looks like Roy's just being generally insecure, and he does a lot of talking to friends and brooding. Havoc comforts him, it seems. Cute art style and cute little story.
Unknown artist
PG-13, 36pg, $10

Genshi Shinka 2
Roy/Havoc. Sequel to Genshi Shinka. Hard to tell what's going on, since there's a lot of talking and thinking. Apparently some flirting, too. Havoc hits Roy with a wet tie at one point. :'D Then he runs off all worried at the end...
PG-13, 30pg, $10

Genshi Shinka 3
Roy/Havoc. Last in the trilogy. Roy talks to Hughes on the phone, which seems to comfort him. Havoc shows up. There's some talking, lots of hugging, and a little kissing. Ends on a happy, somewhat funny note.
PG-13, 30pg, $10

Waiting in Vain
Roy/Ed. It's Daen, so of course it's absolutely adorable. And it's two-in-one; the first involves Elric brothers/Hughes family cuteness and Hughes comforting a sad Ed, then Roy, Ed and Hughes apparently have a sleepover (yes, you read that right. Silly PJs and everything). The second one has lots of talking on the phone, Ed thinking about Roy, and then Roy showing up at the train station to say hello (or goodbye).
Daen (first one), second artist unknown
PG or PG-13, 60pg, $20

Roy/Havoc. Roy disappears from his desk and Havoc goes to find him in the library. They talk, then go back to work, and Havoc drives Roy home in the rain. Later, Havoc finds one of Hughes' throwing knives... I think on Roy's desk. He then goes to confront Roy, yelling at him, and then... semi-rapes him? o_O I think he tells him he loves him at one point. Then there's a sex scene. ...Yeah. It's actually a lot better than I make it sound; if anyone speaks Japanese or has a scanlation I'd love it if they told me what was going on. XD
Dougo Arima
R, 56pg, $20
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