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Archer Caps (35)
Episode 21 sceenshots (100)
Episode 22 screenshots (206)
Episode 23 screenshots (232)
Episode 24 screenshots (111)
Episode 25 screenshots (120)
Episode 26 Screencaps (60)
Episode 27 Screencaps

I probably shouldn't do this, since I've already used up nearly half of my monthly photobucket bandwith amount, but ayyy, who cares? If my bandwidth ever runs out, I'll just put a link up to the album.

Onto another question. Does anyone know where I could download a program where I can take screenshots frame-by-frame? I tried for ages to get the picture of the fox jumping at the brothers, but I couldn't get it.

Al X 10
Ed X 32
Izumi X 8
'Moofy' X 6
Misc X 8
Group X 71
Misc. X 8

This post marks my (over) 1000th screenshot, my (over) 200th shot of Ed, and my (over) 100th shot of the Elric Brothers.

Grouped by character, not by order it appears in.

(136 Episode 28 Screencaps. Spoliers ahoy!)
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