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Fanfic: Just Come Back Alive - Chapter 3 and Smutty Interlude

I'm not sure if I've posted previous chapters of this fic here or not, since I haven't updated in a while--but here's the latest installment, at any rate!  Previous chapters are linked.  :)  I've also included a "smutty interlude"--because I love so many different pairings, I'm going to write little side stories that can be read or skipped as you please, just to satisfy my eclectic variety of pr0n cravings.

Title: Just Come Back Alive (aka A Lot Can Happen in Twenty Years) - Chapter 3
Author: a_big_apple 
Series: first anime, post-Shamballa
Pairings: In the main story, WinryxSheska, RoyxRiza, implied EdxHeidrich, EdxSurprise, a little flirtation with AlxNoa.
Notes/Warnings: The story's a bit dark, due to the historical timeframe in which it's set.  Read more about that when you follow the fake cut.
Teaser: Ed pauses, takes a breath, and suddenly Al sees where this is going, and is already mustering his brother-knows-best around himself, though that trick has never worked on Ed, ever.  Ed must sense it, because there’s a sort of hardness in his voice when he speaks, like an immovable force.  “I want to go see Heidrich.”

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

(fake cut to Chapter 3!)

Title: Just Come Back Alive - Smutty Interlude #1 - Elricest!
Pairings: Um, Elricest.
Notes/Warnings: NOT WORK SAFE, explicit fraternal incest.  This interlude falls after Chapter 3 of the main story, but could be read by itself, and you don't have to read it to follow the plot of the main story.  :)

(fake cut to Smutty Interlude 1!)

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