syolen (syolen) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA fic: Ashes 15/?

Title: Ashtray (Lying Still)
Timeline: Post CoS
Rating: PG-13? 15? There are references to alcohol and sex, (one) use of the f-word and ANGST.
Character: Winry (hints of EdWin).
Summary: Sometimes Winry can't go to bed at night, but she knows exactly why: there's no one to kiss her goodnight.
Disclaimer: I AM NOT WORTHY (i.e. no, it's not mine).
Note: I haven't posted FMA fanfic in almost a year. What the hell. This was originally written for October 3rd, 2009. Obviously I didn't finish it in time! :-D
Note 2: I wanted to write silly happy fluff to celebrate the end of the manga, but no, I got into that mood and this oneshot decided to finally write itself. Oy.
Note 3: Crossposted like whoa, sorry for any spam.

October the 3rd, 1921. No, it's long passed midnight. October the 4th, then. Good. It takes away the symbolism.

I hope you'll like it! :)
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