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FIC: The Blind Leading the Lame

Title: The Blind Leading the Lame
Characters: Mostly Havoc and Mustang
Rating: PG13, I suppose? For swearing
Summary: In the wake of all the death and destruction that has been surrounding them, Mustang has an important proposition for Jean. But on one condition...
Notes: Post chapter 108. I needed some more closure on a couple of characters, I guess XD. I wrote most of this yesterday directly after reading, so it isn't entirely polished.

Link: The bell above the shop's door rang. It was a cheerful, bright little sound that always foretold the entrance of a customer, and Jean typically perked up whenever the he heard it. While this was not his first choice, to be running the family business instead of fighting for his country, Jean could not say that he completely hated this major change in his life... It was different, less stressful. He liked being closer to family and he liked being useful.

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