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Edward chibi clock & FMA special movie & Wall paper download!

Hm, a rather useless gadget...

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to download and install Edward clock. You need Adobe AIR prior to installation... if you don't have it already it should prompt you to install it (which is free).

Edit: Read veatariel's post below for a little trick for fooling your Ed clock into giving you your local time! It WORKS! Make sure you turn off auto-synchronization at the "Internet Time" tab so that you don't have to readjust your clock =D

But this clock is useless because it is Japan time only. There doesn't seem to be an option allowing you to readjust the clock to your computer's time. So this clock's time is 16 hours ahead of my local time... lol. Anyone knows how to crack this clock to make it compatible to other time zones? XD

PS. according to the gangan website, a little Al is supposed to pop up above Ed's head every hour (ie. 6pm, 7pm...etc). I have yet to see it... well, 20 minutes to go! XD


Also, there is a "FMA Edward Elric & Alphonse Elric Special Movie" here.

It has contents up to chapter 107, but everything in it is just brief summary of what happened in the series and tells you to check out the final chapter. anyone knows how to download that movie btw? XD <--- this is from last year but a Roy movie in case people haven't seen it.

================== <--- new Old wallpaper download

Instead of giving you guys the answers/wallpaper itself, I guess I will briefly translate the content of the page so that you guys can have some fun? XD What you do is input the answer number at the very bottom of the page in order, click on the gate of truth to "unlock" the wallpaper!

Q1: In the Sloth fight, who saved the Armstrong siblings? (chapter 96)
1. Ed & Al
2. Lin & Ranfun
3. Mustang & Hawkeye
4. Izumi & Sig

Q2: In order to defeat the homunculus, what did Hohenheim do with his philosopher's stone? (chapter 97)
1. Chat with everyone in Xerxes
2. Beg them to help him out
3. Force them
4. Didn't do anything special

Q3: When General Armstrong's Briggs soldiers took over the central headquarters and announced their victory, who is the one who returned and attacked the central HQ? (chapter 97)
1. Colonel Mustang
2. General Grumman
3. Pride
4. King Bradley

Q4: Who is the one who went to negotiate with the Mustang people who had Mrs. Bradley as hostage at the radio station? (chapter 98)
1. Breda
2. Fuery
3. Falman
4. Brosh

Q5: The citizens in Central, without knowledge of what's happening within the central headquarter, are awaiting an event. What is that event? (chapter 100)
1. Moon eclipse
2. Solar eclipse
3. Grand cross
4. Big Bang

Q6: What did Colonel Mustang lose when he was forced to pass through the gate of Truth? (chapter 102)
1. Taste
2. Smell
3. Hearing
4. Vision

Have fun! 8D
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