Highwind Engineer #3 (he03) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Highwind Engineer #3

Fanarts and ch 108 comic

First, a continuation of the Selim/Mei series.
Wrath quite fancies himself as a dependable provider for his family.
And these two were for a belated Mother's Day:
Happy First Mother's Day, Mrs. Bradley!!
And to you too, Arakawa sensei!!

Now the next one has spoilers for chapter 108: turn back now if you don't wanna be spoiled!!
..so, you're ok to go on?

A quick crack comic with Selim 2.0 and Mrs. Bradley. I'm so, so, SO happy for the characters and their fates, but even more so for these two (lol, no surprise there). Totally loving the idea of growing, human!Selim - under his mother's influence, I think he's gonna develop into a well-adjusted young man. Also, did anyone else notice that Mrs. Bradley was sans wedding band? AND that she's still nameless (which is OK I guess, because then I can still ship my 'Nameless OT3 of Fuhrer Candidate 12/Mrs. Bradley/Scar'. XD XD XD)

Overall, I'm very pleased with the ending - all the main character's plots were, I think, tidily wrapped up. I was worried because Homunculus' fate could have come to an unsatisfying end, but his comeuppance was very fitting - forced back by his own Truth to join the flow of All from which it came. Someone on the FMA discussion board noted that if the alchemical Gate represented the life's learnings of a person, then Homunculus' was blank because he didn't learn a thing - very interesting way to look at it and it makes you wonder what could possibly be on your own Gate. I just hope mine isn't blank, too!

And it wasn't too much of a happy ending: even though Amestris and her people were saved, there's still so much to do to helper her recover. Though it's 'Journey's End', as the Holy Cow has shown that only means another one is about to begin. :)

And lastly, it was worth a shot, Grumman. XD


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