Jovelyn Lim (keele_san) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Jovelyn Lim

Translation help?

Hi guys! o/ have you read the awesomeness that is ch 108 yet? ;~;

Something caught my eye in the extra pages that was uploaded in OneManga after I finished crying, laughing and squeeing while reading the chapter But phail moi could not read the Japanese in it.
It's about a PVC chess set model that's based on the full page spread in ch 85.
All I can decipher is that it would be priced at 9800 yen (retail, perhaps) and there's a date: August 12, but I'm not sure if that's for the release or the pre-order.

Here's the extra page I'm talking about. (it's linked to One Manga btw)

To anyone who can help... I would definitely love you for your awesomeness! *o*
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