Irene Shafer (ibshafer) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Irene Shafer

Spoilers and Specilation: SPOILER WARNING!!

Gonna put this all behind a cut, just in case folks haven't read the chapters previous to the ending, either yet...

So, is anyone else worried about what Ed's leaving Pride alive in chapter 107 (I think) might mean?

Since Mrs. Bradley will have been raising him for more of this current "life" and will be able to shape more of his development with her love for him, he may "grow up" to become an entirely different homunculus than he was, BUT...

...but if he turns out to be the same, scary, individual, stone or no, and he's able to conceal that fact from those watching him. (Grumond, his "mom," Mustang, I'm sure) , could we see him grow into a new villian?

Where I'm going with this this Arakawa's way of leaving herself open to continue the story? 

Say, 15 years in the future, and all the old players get pulled back into the mix?

I have to say, friends, I just don't feel like she's done here. I was talking with haganeneko a little while ago and we were saying that she's really left a lot of story set up to tell. You could say that was for US, so that we all know the story continues for the characters, but you could also say she's leaving the "back door" open for herself - to pick it up a few years down the line and start telling it again. It'd have to have a different name, naturally, since Ed isn't an alchemist anymore, but still, all the other elements would be there.

It's probably wishful thinking and I'm sure there's someone out there who will know what her next project is or will have heard that she's said she's done with the series, but on the off-chance that door isn't completely closed, it's nice to hope and wonder...

There are certainly tons more stories to tell here!
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