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Episode 39 Summary

- Winry decides to go back to Risenbourg and Sheska is upset about it because she doesn't want to be alone with all this madness.
- Kimblee is on the train with Roy's troops. Archer tells Roy and the others to calm down about it because he brought Kimblee back.
- Martel tells the brothers about how she was a part of the Special Forces in Ishbal. Then the military arrested them even though they hired them. They were sentenced to death, but instead of that, they became Kimeras. (Martel is part snake, Dolocet part wolf, Loa part Oxen).
- They reach Ishbal which is barely ruins (mostly sand).
- Havoc and Breda are there. They were watching the three. They take them back to Roy.
- There is an aerial picture of a town. It has a clear design on it: an Alchemist's Circle. Ed knows it's Scar right away: Planning on killing a town for the Philosopher's Stone.
- The city that Scar wants to kill off... it's Lior. The National Alchemists are told to attack Lior. Ed gives up his National Alchemist title once again. He then puts on a disguise.
- His silver watch is given to Trucker to play around with for some reason.
- In Lior, he's at the bar from the first episode. The guy questions him, asking if he saw him before. Ed says he gets that a lot. Then, some people in robes come. Mostly in an offwhite, but the one in the center is wearing pure white. Everyone calls him "Sema-sama." "The world's Hero." He lifts up his head for a second...

It's Rose.
- Back at Central, with Martel inside Al, they are walking down the hallway. A guy accidently went into the wrong room and Kimblee was in there. With Tucker, I'd believe. Kimblee threatens this guy's life. Martel is watching from inside Al. She gets extremely pissed. She jumps out of Al, screaming "KIMBLEE!!" and attacks.
- Back in Lior, Ed is about to go up to Rose, but Scar, cloaked, puts his hand on Ed's shoulder to stop him.


Episode 39: The Scar

Edit: *Smites the Insert Key for over typing a bunch of stuff.*

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