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Ficlet - More than Canvas

Title – More than Canvas
Author cornerofmadness
Disclaimer – wish it were mine but it’s not. Arakawa owns all.
Rating – R for sexual situations
Series –manga
Characters –Roy/Riza
Word Count – 222
Timeline/Spoilers – Soon after the war, no real spoilers unless you don’t know where Roy learned his alchemy
Warnings – uh…understated nudity?
Author’s Note – wow something that didn’t want to be fifty percent longer than allowed. Written for the fma_fic_contest's 'quiver' prompt.

* * *

Riza’s flesh quivered under his hands. Roy kissed her shoulder, wishing he could take away her nervousness, wishing he could go back in time and punch her father for using her like a piece of scrap paper. If one had asked the other soldiers, many probably would have thought he and Riza had been intimate long before this; Maes certainly thought so and Roy never bothered to enlighten him. While her father had been alive, Riza and Roy had been kept well apart and during the war, it was too hard to keep people from knowing everyone’s business. Tents blocked not much in the way of sound and only some of sight. Waiting hadn’t been easy, but Roy hadn’t wanted her first time with him to be in some shoddy tent, desperate and fast.

Roy had seen her naked before, touched her tattoo, but that had been business. He pressed his lips to the scar he made on her flesh, hoping Riza understood that the scars didn’t matter, that she was more to him than a tattooed array. Riza twisted under him, her firm breasts pressing into his chest. She needed no words to communicate her own needs as one strong hand stroked up the length of him. Desire and love moved between them, healing the deep hurts of war and hardship.

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