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Fic: Perfectly Imperfect

Title: Perfectly Imperfect
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 424
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG-13 (?)
Warnings: Drabble-type thing. Lame humour/sexual references.
Summary: Roy likes to tease his little blonde subordinate.
A/N: First comm post. A bit on the random side, as it was written specifically for a friend. But I thought, hey, let's contribute to the community! 

Roy was in a particularly good mood this certain Friday.

The preceding night, he had a wonderful, romantic, 'I-am-a-complete-sap-under-this-asshole-façade', date. He smiled at the very memory of that night. Amazing.

Interrupting his thoughts, Roy heard the familiar, rough skrt-skrt-skrt oh a pen, the pen being held by a hand, the hand being controlled by an arm, the arm made of cold metal – automail. The pen's scratching across the canvases of paperwork emanated annoyance, true to his character. Ed looked exhausted, which meant annoyance, naturally.

Roy was feeling a bit mischievous, now. It was a fairly hot day, with temperatures reaching about eighty-five, making everyone's patience in the office a strand shorter. Ed's buttons are fun to push on a bad day. Very fun, indeed.

"Fullmetal, come here," the commanding officer called over. Ed looked up, eyes still baggy, one eyebrow raised in simple curiosity, looking definitely groggy. Roy supposed he needed more sleep.

"What?" he asked as he took a seat on the office's leather couch, relieving a quiet sigh at how cool it felt through his muscle shirt and on his left shoulder. Roy got up and locked the door, confusing the blonde boy further. Roy wasn't sure whether the blush was from his body temperature or an assumption about Roy's actions. "What's the problem?"

Roy plastered a fake-serious expression on his facial features (not that Edward knew this, of course), intimidating Ed a bit more.

"Did I do something wrong? Again? I assure you I didn't spike Havoc's coffee again, or draw on Breda while he was sleeping… or, wait, scratch that last one… but, um…" he rambled in exasperation.

"Fullmetal. I know your secret."

"…Eh?" Ed blanched.

Roy pointed his slim index finger at Ed's leather pants. "That secret. I see that bulge."

Edward paled, then instantly reddened up, attempting to cover himself in vain (he was already clothed, for god's sake). "Wh-what?"

Roy's fake-seriousness morphed into a cocky smirk "It's a tad on the obvious side, you know."

"I-I, uh… th-that's…" Ed stuttered, face growing somehow deeper in red colour, obviously freaking out. "It's not what you t-think!"

"Oh, it's exactly what I think." Roy gave a handsome, seductive smile. "Edward…" he breathed huskily, "Show me your…"

"NOOOOOO!" Ed screamed.

"… pocket watch."



Bam. Crash. Thud.

X - - - - - - - -

In the office the following day, Havoc innocently asked about Roy's bruised cheek, being all puffy, purple, noticeable, and such.

He got coffee thrown into his face.

But it was so worth it.



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