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fic dump [may/al, riza/roy, lanfan/greedling]

Hi, I'm Memlu, and I write silly stories.

Some notes: All links lead back to the relevant posts at my journal. Unless otherwise noted, all of these stories are set post-series, presuming the sorts of endings which would allow for them to occur; all are for the manga. The two drabbles I previously cross-posted to fma_drabbles, and I might cross-post a few of these stories to other communities. I apologize for any annoyance this may cause.

    After the Storm Passes | Al, May, and Ed. May/Al. | Cool for kids. | 1,180 words. | When Al woke, he woke to the soft rush of rain against the window and distantly, voices indistinct through the walls. *Please note I wrote this before chapter 107 was released.

    [redacted for potential spoilers] | Riza/Roy. | Some sexin'. Spoilers for chapter 102. | 100 words. | In the dark, Riza enveloped him.

    Greedy Things | Lanfan/Greedling. | Cool for kids. | 800 words. | The greedy thing inside young master smiled.

    Giving and Taking | Lanfan/Greedling. | Sexin'. | 1,800 words. | Hey, hey, said Greed. What's going on here?

    On Bended Knee | Lanfan/Greedling. | Sexin'. | 1,500 words. | This was what she wanted. This was who she wanted.

    Dealmaking | Greed and Ling. | Cool for kids. Sledgehammered in before chapter 97. | 1,370 words. | Greed said, "Why be king of one tiny country—" "—when you can rule the world entire," said Ling. "Yes, I've heard this. But Xing is not so tiny as you think."

    The Face You Look For | Lanfan/Greedling. | Some sexin'. | 100 words. | The hands on her hips were his.

    Candy from the Candy Jar | Lanfan, Greed, Ling, and a kid. | Cool for kids. Warning for kidfic (uh). | 1,175 words. | Nuan has a mother, two fathers, and one hell of a sweet tooth.
Thank you! :)
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