Raaaaaaawr (myna5194) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Ending possibilities?

 Okay. Here some things I think will happen/come to play in the LAST CHAPTER.

1. Radio guy said, "attack the man who RESEMBLES the Fullmetal Alchemist. Aim carefully, he's the one without the automail!" Well, Ed doesn't have his automail anymore. What if a solider misfires and injures/kills Ed?!?!

2. Back in chapter 102, Al's body before the door of Truth ominously stated, "Your return may bring nothing but despair and ruin, Alphonse." And Al's returned to the door, and he's freaking stuck there until Ed comes to get him. So...i sense ominous things over the horizon.

3. Waaay back in chapter 53, Ling said, "The way he puts his hands together...it reminds me of something...isn't that what people do when they pray to God?" Arakawa even bolded and centered it. And with the whole Father can't hold God inside him anymore and what not, something's gonna go down.

What do you guys think? Discussion?


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